365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

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May Food Favourites & Home Things (Days 295 & 296)

May food favourites copy

Due to a change in lifestyle, I’ve been exploring foods that I don’t usually eat and prepare. For example, did you know you can cook sweet potato in the microwave in only 5 minutes? I can honestly say that the above four ingredients have been consumed by me almost every day for the past few weeks. As I stated in a previous post, I like using sweet potato as a topping for kale salad. (Tip: adding raisons makes it extra delicious!) I’ve also been using flax seed in my cereal and oatmeal and I use honey to sweeten my breakfast meals. I also like to eat a banana every morning.

As well, I’ve ¬†been trying to liven up my life by purchasing more plants. The little guy down below is my first purchase. A “Pachira Aquatica” also known as a Money Tree! They are supposed to bring good fortune and good luck!


I’ve also purchased three air plants from a local seller and I can’t wait to incorporate those into my bedroom decor. I bought this air plant holder off of Etsy and I also found this old candle stick holder (below) at Goodwill for a dollar. Hopefully it will fit the other two air plants perfectly!


I can’t wait to show you the finished photos! Have a good weekend!



More Bathroom Graffiti (Day 216)

I woke up, pressed play on my iTunes (subsequently discovered that Human by Daughter is the BEST wake-up song), and made some oatmeal and tea. I poured my tea into a travel mug with the intent on taking it to class but I forgot it! But even after waiting half an hour for coffee on campus, I still made it to class with time to spare.


Oatmeal and fresh blueberries.

During break, I happened upon a plethora of bathroom graffiti. I thought I would share, as graffiti always holds a special kind of wisdom. Perhaps it’s as authentic as one can get in a semi-public space.


I feel like I know who wrote this.


In an hour or so I will be off to work! I am becoming the queen of the night shift. Tomorrow I have an early morning midterm to write so I’m going to work and study at the same time. I’m becoming quite the multi-tasker and I feel like I am much more capable of dealing with stress this semester.

I hope everyone’s Tuesday went well!