365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

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May Food Favourites & Home Things (Days 295 & 296)

May food favourites copy

Due to a change in lifestyle, I’ve been exploring foods that I don’t usually eat and prepare. For example, did you know you can cook sweet potato in the microwave in only 5 minutes? I can honestly say that the above four ingredients have been consumed by me almost every day for the past few weeks. As I stated in a previous post, I like using sweet potato as a topping for kale salad. (Tip: adding raisons makes it extra delicious!) I’ve also been using flax seed in my cereal and oatmeal and I use honey to sweeten my breakfast meals. I also like to eat a banana every morning.

As well, I’ve  been trying to liven up my life by purchasing more plants. The little guy down below is my first purchase. A “Pachira Aquatica” also known as a Money Tree! They are supposed to bring good fortune and good luck!


I’ve also purchased three air plants from a local seller and I can’t wait to incorporate those into my bedroom decor. I bought this air plant holder off of Etsy and I also found this old candle stick holder (below) at Goodwill for a dollar. Hopefully it will fit the other two air plants perfectly!


I can’t wait to show you the finished photos! Have a good weekend!



New Diet (Days 285-287)

These past couple of days I’ve been realizing that I have a few health problems I need to get under control. Well, one health problem: my acid reflux. I’m still boggled as to how on earth I even ended up with such an ailment but as I’ve previously written, I blame it on my past overconsumption of hot sauce. I miss that stuff so bad.

My awareness of my acid reflux has nothing to do with my hypochondria. Rather, the reflux is really starting to take a toll on me, especially on my breathing. One of the main symptoms I have is asthma and it has affected me in other ways as well.

I’m not overweight so this new diet has nothing to do with me counting calories. On the flip side, I am being careful to make sure that I get enough calories in a day. The diet involves extremely healthy, bland food, and on a low-acid diet, you are supposed to eat small meals frequently, rather than consume larger meals three times a day. It definitely takes some getting used to.

So far, I’ve figured out that some of the foods that are great for people with acid reflux are: oatmeal, bananas, lettuce, green beans, sweet potatoes, broccoli, rice, and cous-cous. Aside from eating these foods, I’ve also been drinking ginger tea (I simply boil ginger in water) and hot water with honey. As well, I’ve been taking an apple-cider vinegar capsule before I go to bed and a probiotic when I wake up in the morning.



In order to make my food less bland, I mix different ingredients together. For example, today I combined kale salad with sweet potato! This diet is hard for those who aren’t used to unseasoned food but it’s definitely do-able.


I’m sorry I’ve been so awful with posting lately. I have been taking photos and thinking of ideas; my mind is always on this blog, even when I’m absent. More to come tomorrow!

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What I’ve Been Up To! (Days 267-272)

A lot has happened since I posted last. Hypochondria-wise, I’ve been nervous that I’m a)anemic or b)diabetic and I’ve been having a few episodes on and off. For the first time in years, I found myself searching symptoms on the internet. Never again!

With all the health related-worries, I started to eat more healthily than usual. Tomorrow is my first doctor’s appointment in ages so I’m a little nervous about that. We’ll see how it goes.



ALSO- I have rekindled my love for thrift shopping. I used to be a sort of anti-consumer in high school but somehow, since then, I’ve become this person who loves to purchase items brand new. A few days ago, I hit up Goodwill and found six great items for 24 dollars and let’s just say the old Kira is back. I’ve also changed the way I grocery shop. I’ve found that when I grocery shop without a list or any specific food in mind, and only buy produce that’s on sale that day, I spend way less money on vegetables and fruits.

As I get older, I realize that there is a strong possibility that I won’t be making a lot of money with my university degree. Therefore I need to stop idealizing lifestyles that aren’t practical. When I was young I always pictured myself living happily in an apartment surrounded by simple, creative things. I need to get back to that.


Two of my Goodwill buys. Gotta love those button ups!


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Essay Demon: Photos Just For You (Days 247- 251)

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as much lately. I have about two more weeks left of school and then I will be back at it.

On Sunday night I saw James Vincent McMorrow with a friend. It was amazing- by far the best concert I’ve ever attended. We were really close to the stage and the speakers were so powerful that the music felt like physical waves pounding through our bodies.


On Monday I handed in an essay and then went grocery shopping (it was long overdue).




Here’s a photo of me today- I feel like it adequately encapsulates my mood. The lighting on my eye was wicked luck.



I cleaned off my desk the other day in order to spur my productivity. I feel like hitting up a coffee shop tonight though. I will never change.


Have a great week everyone. And if you are enduring your last weeks of school- I wish you the best & I feel your pain.  xx


Update: Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules (Day 231)

Today’s post is just going to be a little update on those apple cider vinegar capsules I previously mentioned. I have nothing but positive news! I take a capsule with water every night before I go to sleep and that routine (along with a better diet) has completely eradicated by acid reflux (or at least the annoying symptoms)! I highly recommend them to anyone dealing with acid reflux. They are total life savers. Finally I can stop worrying that I have lung cancer or some strange illness- my chronic cough was most definitely linked with my acid reflux. :)

Some foods that also help:

-oatmeal (this helps tenfold)


-whole grain bread



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Laverne Cox, I Love You (Day 229)

Today I was supposed to see Laverne Cox with a friend from my creative writing class. Hilariously, we couldn’t get in because tickets were sold out (we thought they were still being sold at the door). Luckily, we were able to walk a meter from where we were into the campus pub to drink our sorrows. It ended up being an awesome time.


Afterwards I came home and burnt a grilled cheese that was supposed to be semi-gourmet. The only thing that made it gourmet was the sautéed mushrooms I added in between the two layers of processed cheese. This is university- what can I say?


Anyways, despite the mishaps- today was a FABULOUS day.

I’m still a little buzzed from that one beer I had.

Regardless- essay writing must now commence.


Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules (Day 228)

Once upon a time, hot sauce was my favourite food. I wish that ten word story had a happy ending. Instead, my love of hot sauce gave me an annoying case of acid reflux. Now I try to avoid the stuff. One of the side affects of my acid reflex is an ultra-annoying persistent cough. Luckily, I’ve found something that helps me.


At first I didn’t think these supplements would work. At first, I’d take one during the day, and I would feel better for about fifteen minutes, and then my cough would return. Last night though, I took one before I went to bed. It not only helped me intensely but I also didn’t cough at all today! (Another plus is that they are high in potassium.)

I took one again tonight because my cough came back as I settled into bed. I’m going to try this out for a little longer and I will let you know how it goes. Acid reflux sounds like an old man’s disease. I can’t even believe I have it, so anything to ease it makes me happy.

My mother also has acid reflux, and she finds that mixing straight apple cider vinegar with water helps too. I like the capsules because you don’t get that sour taste and they are super convenient.