365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

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Songs For Feeling Fab (Day 294)

Constant Conversations – Passion Pit

Step – Vampire Weekend

Went to War – Amason

Harlem – Cathedrals

#88 –┬áLo-Fang


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Spontaneous Trip ft. The Beach (Day 293)


Sometimes my brain prefers to inhabit a comfort zone. Spontaneity and the “unknown” help me to push through these mental boundaries of comfort.

Tonight I was invited to the beach. I met new people. I took photos. It was lovely. I always say beaches are better when it’s cold out, on the greyest of evenings. Tonight, the grey was comforting and unsettling, all at the same time.





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RIP MacBook (Days 289-292)

Since I wrote my last post, my MacBook has died and I’ve been involved in the process of getting it fixed. Unfortunately, it looks like that thing is gone for good. Without my computer, it’s difficult for me to make a quality post but in the meantime, I am working on finding solutions to this issue :). Have a great Tuesday!


New Diet (Days 285-287)

These past couple of days I’ve been realizing that I have a few health problems I need to get under control. Well, one health problem: my acid reflux. I’m still boggled as to how on earth I even ended up with such an ailment but as I’ve previously written, I blame it on my past overconsumption of hot sauce. I miss that stuff so bad.

My awareness of my acid reflux has nothing to do with my hypochondria. Rather, the reflux is really starting to take a toll on me, especially on my breathing. One of the main symptoms I have is asthma and it has affected me in other ways as well.

I’m not overweight so this new diet has nothing to do with me counting calories. On the flip side, I am being careful to make sure that I get enough calories in a day. The diet involves extremely healthy, bland food, and on a low-acid diet, you are supposed to eat small meals frequently, rather than consume larger meals three times a day. It definitely takes some getting used to.

So far, I’ve figured out that some of the foods that are great for people with acid reflux are: oatmeal, bananas, lettuce, green beans, sweet potatoes, broccoli, rice, and cous-cous. Aside from eating these foods, I’ve also been drinking ginger tea (I simply boil ginger in water) and hot water with honey. As well, I’ve been taking an apple-cider vinegar capsule before I go to bed and a probiotic when I wake up in the morning.



In order to make my food less bland, I mix different ingredients together. For example, today I combined kale salad with sweet potato! This diet is hard for those who aren’t used to unseasoned food but it’s definitely do-able.


I’m sorry I’ve been so awful with posting lately. I have been taking photos and thinking of ideas; my mind is always on this blog, even when I’m absent. More to come tomorrow!

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Finally Took The Plunge (Days 282-284)

I finally opened an Etsy shop! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do forever, and I finally pulled through with it. It’s open and operating. Right now, I am only shipping throughout Canada and I only have some of my pressed flower assemblages for sale but soon I hope to add handmade cards! I’m so excited!! This has definitely been a major distraction from my current health issues which I will post about tomorrow :).

Have a great night!

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Back to Health…Again (Day 264)

I spend all day editing and before I know it it’s almost 11:30pm!

Nothing too exciting happened today. But after a million pounds of Easter candy and all of that exam stress-eating I have decided to start eating better. My healthy food kicks come and go in waves but I’ve noticed that in the warmer months, it is extremely easy for me to eat and stay healthy. I guess I’m just more motivated.

I will keep you all updated on my health spree :).