365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Home/s (Day 288)



This week I traveled to my hometown for a 24 hour visit. During that short timespan I felt a lot of “nostalgia”. There’s something about summer in the country that makes you miss growing up in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes I really miss being a kid. Well, not being a kid, but the scenes that stand out from my childhood. In retrospect, memories from my youth seem photoshopped and perfect, a problematic but enjoyable way of remembering my childhood. Everything seems easier but surely, it was not. I miss my old home, but I’ll make a new one. I’ll make it myself, just for me.


Lilac bush before bloom.


Back in the city. Disheveled.

2 thoughts on “Home/s (Day 288)

  1. What lenses do you use most often, you get nice depth of field – I’m guessing maybe a good 35mm prime with a nice low f stop, maybe f2? Although looks adjustable from your ‘disheveled’ photo (lol)

    • I just use the standard one that came with my Canon Rebel haha, can’t afford anything nicer at the moment. And I never really use a flash so I mostly opt for natural lighting but I edit all of my photos in Adobe Lightroom 3. It’s not too complicated, and I generally have to keep my camera on auto focus because I don’t wear glasses but my vision is off. I learned this the hard way when I was taking photos on manual focus in Europe and they all turned out blurry because the eye I was using isn’t 20/20. Anyways, I’m no expert photographer but I appreciate the creativity that goes into achieving an interesting shot. :) Does that help? I have dabbled in more complicated film photography and stuff but I haven’t done that in a while; I should get back into it. My film camera is an old Praktica.

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