365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

“The Challenge: Free Agents” & Hypochondria (Day 257)

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Today’s post involves one of my favourite things: REALITY TELEVISION. Yesterday I was watching “The Challenge: Free Agents”, a show on MTV that is sort of a spin off of every season of the Real World, as it recycles previous Real World housemates (and some random people) and makes them compete in terrifying games for a cash reward. I was intrigued by the first episode of this season because during the end of the episode, when two of the male cast members were competing to stay on the show (two people get kicked off at the end of every episode), one of the guys said ‘I’m sort of a hypochondriac’.

You see, he was battling it out with this other guy who managed to rip part of his chin off. This poor dude then had the choice of

a)getting stitches and forfeiting (aka leaving the show)


b)finishing the competition with a bandage on his face.

Now before you say anything, you should know that the cut was pretty big, big enough to need stitches. As I was watching the blood ooze out of his chin I was thinking, “hell no, I would not want to get back into the arena with that bloody mess.” He ended up forfeiting the battle and later stated that he did so because he is ‘sort of a hypochondriac’ and he didn’t want to get germs in the wound etc. (The ground where they were battling was basically sand and this particular challenge was obviously quite physical.)

First of all, no one should have to give a reason for why they choose to prioritize they health. And second of all, I wanted to give him a hug. I’m not actually sure of the state of this person’s mental health but regardless, he basically had to forfeit because of anxiety. So sad.

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