365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

New House, New Room (Day 256)


Shades of white, earthy tones, air plants, wooden side tables, framed pops of colour; if I wasn’t a student on a budget, this is how I would decorate my new room in May. Instead I will thrift thrift thrift. But thrifting can be just as exciting as buying brand new.

Here are some beautiful decor pieces on Etsy that have been inspiring me. I won’t buy these things, of course (maybe just the planter) but these pieces make me excited for the new house.

(All photos have clickable links to give credit to the Etsy sellers. All photos except for the last were taken by the sellers, not me!)

Pillow Covers by: bellesandghosts.


Shelving by: The807.


Air Plant Terrariums by: ForgeandFire.


I’m just really obsessed with air plants.

Animal Pillows by MosMea.


There is a not-so-subtle pillow theme inside of my head right now.

Also- I bought these cute little mugs at Target the other day for under $2.00 each. I think they will be lovely for the summer:


I can already envision the iced coffee that will be made in these.


3 thoughts on “New House, New Room (Day 256)

  1. Love the jars. The animal pillows carry a slight sense of creepiness. I might go for the flowered pillows! Haha

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