365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Gloom (Days 249-255)

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I snapped this photo on my phone during a walk this week. I feel like it perfectly encapsulates the idea of ‘gloom’. The river is flooded, the trees look autumnal, the sky is grey, the left-over bits of pre-winter fallen leaves and rain storms are exposed. This photo doesn’t make me sad, it’s kind of inspiring actually.

To summarize this past week, I have been absent due to an overload of assignments (no surprise there) and I haven’t had the time or mind space to blog. I’ve developed a coffee/sugar addiction (I especially love Timmy’s instant coffee) and also a tendency to hermit and study (but really I compulsively play Jelly Splash for hours). This next week I have an essay due and three final exams (one after the other, three days in a row) and then I get to celebrate easter with my family, free from stress.

I am fantasizing about all of the amazing projects and blog posts I will get to write after next week. At the end of April I will be moving and I have so many home decor and summer gardening plans. I’ve also started to think about what my blog will be like after these 365 days are up. This blog was created last summer, so it will be concluded relatively soon. So sad! Any ideas of what I should do? I feel like I will have to make a new blog due to the fact that my url is so specific. But maybe I shouldn’t worry about that now.

Happy Weekend!

One thought on “Gloom (Days 249-255)

  1. I think you should go on. The title of your blog is a great one, but its also essential to create awareness :)

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