365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Hiiii (Days 243-245)


I’m currently eating half a box of cereal without milk whilst pondering my human existence. If you’re a queer hopeless romantic who is still trying to get over your past, like, four lovers- watch the movie Weekend and realize that striving for homonormativity ends in heartbreak. You will not inherently find happiness by replicating heteronormative romance-film tropes. (Carve out your own unique space/style of love and happiness!) Or don’t! This is just what I am planning to do.

Anyways these thoughts basically sum up my week so far. My schedule is crazy, therefore my brain is all over the place.


4 thoughts on “Hiiii (Days 243-245)

  1. Ponder more often. Always love to hear your thoughts :)

  2. Ah well, those romance films aren’t very good models for hetero or bi people either methinks. XD
    Craving ones own way forward is sometimes the only path, but that always means it’s us shaped. :)

    I was wondering to myself how you could be enjoying a box of cereal without milk, but then I remembered that quite a few cereals are like tiny-tiny-crackers except sweet, or mini-chunks of granola bars, and it all suddenly made sense.

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