365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

I May Never Get Better (Day 236)


You can’t always fix a brain. You can alter it, work on it, and try to ignore it but it will never really change. It will always be the brain that you’re forced to go back to when you’re sick of trying to find remedies. I think that deep down, I know that I will never be able to rid myself of hypochondria. This is very sad to think about. But I’m lucky in a way, because I’m the kind of person who won’t ever let it crush me. I laugh at it. I laugh at it after I break down in those moments of panic that I dearly hate. But I do eventually laugh at it- after I wake from those crazy episodic states. Those moments feel like dreams later on. As if they never existed. I always hold on to the hope that maybe they never really happened.

2 thoughts on “I May Never Get Better (Day 236)

  1. Maybe your brain doesnt need fixing? If you didn’t have your brain you wouldnt be able to write the way you do. You wouldnt have found all the answers you already have, and sure there are more answers you wish to find, but I guarantee your “illness” (or your companion, as I like to call mine) also has allowed you to learn so many things that the rest of the world is blind to.

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