365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Cheerful, Contented, Jubilant (Day 219)


I am feeling so happy. Sometimes the word ‘happy’ loses meaning due to it’s overuse in everyday conversation but I can’t think of another word to adequately describe what I’m feeling today. I am just truly [content] and it feels lovely.


Also, I drank the the best ginger spice latte today, so there’s that.


Also- can we talk about how I love the person who googled this and happened upon this blog:

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 5.52.15 PM

you are a great person, whoever you are and I hope your cat is okay.

8 thoughts on “Cheerful, Contented, Jubilant (Day 219)

  1. If that photo doesn’t become your profile photo on every social media platform, I would never forgive you!

  2. Yes! I love looking at what people search for and how they come across my blog. I get so bummed out when it says it doesn’t know what was searched! Get your act together WordPress.
    I also need to say I’m super jealous of your latte, but my morning coffee is serving me well.
    Hope you have a happy Saturday as well! To be honest, if I can overuse the word happy I would love to… I find myself feeling “content” more often. Happy reminds me of the first day you can really roll your windows down after a cold winter. Blast some music. Put your sunglasses on. That’s how I equate the word to my love- such a great feeling!

    • I know it’s so awesome! I think some of them don’t show up because some search engines simply don’t allow tracking, I think google may be one of them? I hope you have a fab saturday too! That is the BEST description of happiness. Spring makes me come alive- just the smell of life in the air makes everything better :).

  3. That song is insanely appropriate for me right now. Yaaaaaay. ~clap~

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