365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Grocery Shopping & Sugar Highs (Day 215)



After my writing workshop I bought some fruits and veg from the campus grocery store. I also picked up some things that will be quick and easy to make: some rice and instant noodles. And can you believe it- I found a ‘healthy’ instant ramen! Rejoice!


During the cold months, I like to bus straight home from campus after class. I like to hibernate in the winter. I come home from school, take off my jeans, put on comfy clothes and then crawl under my duvet and do school work in bed. (At least, that’s what I usually do on the days that I’m not working at my job.) My desk is covered with beauty products and makeup and I constantly need to have a blanket around me in the winter, so what else is there for me to do? Maybe I’m weird, I don’t know.

In the summer, blankets are my nemesis and I find so much joy in walking to coffee shops and sitting on patios, or just walking downtown to window shop. I will go to the market for organic produce and I’ll peruse book sales and art galleries. I’m not cut out for cold seasons. Today, I meant to go to Starbucks to get some work done but I knew I would prefer to stay in, so I trekked out in the shower of snow and got myself a chai tea latte and a chocolate chip cookie to-go.


The chocolate chip cookie is another story. I have discovered that in the winter (or maybe just during school) I have the sweet tooth of a small child. Maybe my body craves sugar for the high, or maybe I simply have no will power; either way, I am definitely addicted to sugar (despite it’s unhealthy side effects). I was doing so well today- I had oatmeal for breakfast, a giant salad for lunch, and some noodles for dinner. Then I got started on my work and all of a sudden I had cravings for chocolate and chips. It might be stress or boredom that spurs on my sugar in-take. Either way, I couldn’t concentrate without that cookie! Yikes.

2 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping & Sugar Highs (Day 215)

  1. The colder it gets the more sugar I crave as well. You’re not weird!
    I’ve got a cookie waiting for me at home for my homework time tonight too!

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