365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Say No To [Expired] Drugs (Day 209)

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Sometimes I get really stressed out when I travel for extended periods. Why? Because when I get sick (and I always do when I travel) I don’t have my trusty assortment of medicine with me. At home I have everything from Tums to clinical bandages and when I travel back to my hometown I am presented with a lot of nothing. I tend to forget that not everyone purposefully keeps a stocked and up-to-date medicine cabinet. I mean, mom, I love you but I think you should know that your Pepto-Bismol expired in 2008. (Seriously.)

Usually I keep my luggage well stocked with little remedies but I had no time to pack any medicine before I came home for reading week. And it just so happens that I have recently acquired some sort of stomach flu. I think I’ll just wait this one out.

One thought on “Say No To [Expired] Drugs (Day 209)

  1. Haha, my mum starts to panic a week after we open the cough mixture! Always had to deal with the lack of meds in the house.

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