365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Paranoia (Day 204)

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I haven’t had a single cold this entire winter. One would assume that this streak of good health might lower my anxiety, but I still feel this lingering sense of paranoia. Usually I am prone to tonsillitis and the flu, and I usually catch colds all winter long. My good health feels eerie to me… but why am I worrying about my health when I shouldn’t be?

I think it all comes down to paranoia. Those who know me well know that I am a paranoid person (but maybe that’s obvious). Sometimes I hate being in public because I dislike stares and if I catch someone looking at me, I usually assume it’s because something’s wrong with how I look. Paranoia affects how I act in social situations, and it surely plays a major role in perpetuating my hypochondria.

How does a person become less paranoid? Is it something you grow out of? For the most part, it’s gotten better than it used to be, but ideally I’d like to be paranoia-free. I’m just wondering if this is something you see a shrink for or if it’s something everyone experiences. Either way, I should get a handle on it. I’d like to enjoy my health. And I would hate to see my paranoia hinder my growing self-confidence.

So many thoughts.

But I’m marathoning the Kardashian’s to de-stress so all is well. ;)

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