365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

I Could Be Nocturnal (Day 203)

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As much as I hate to complain about a lack of sleep, in hindsight, I sort of like staying up late to get assignments done. For example, last night I was intent on finishing an assignment before 1am but stayed up until 4am, simply because my body is accustomed to getting things finished at that time. My body didn’t want to finish early (even though my mind kind of did). Sometimes I enjoy feeling like the cliche university student who lives on coffee after four hours of sleep.

With that being said, I had to sleep after class today because I was so exhausted. The rental agency was scheduled to give a tour of the house and they walked in on me sleeping- in my defence, I totally didn’t know they were coming…

Fortunately I just managed to finish my last assignment of the week and I obviously feel great about it. I finished before 12am and will be able to get enough sleep for my back to back classes tomorrow. If caffeine didn’t exist, I would be miserable.


One thought on “I Could Be Nocturnal (Day 203)

  1. I agree, I currently can’t sleep either, but its been a rather productive evening to say the least :)

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