365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Study Smizing (Day 198)


Today is a study day. This is my study face.

Photo on 2-7-2014 at 3.35 PM #4-2

Ready to tackle the world (or at least all of my assignments).

Don’t get the impression that I always look like this. No one really ‘smizes’ while reading an 8 point font journal article. Also, I got up this morning and took an hour to get ready with the intention of doing work at Starbucks (am I the only soul who tries to look good before walking into Starb’s?). Anyways, I decided to stay home for reasons I’m not quite sure of. I guess today can be called, “go ahead cute-stuff, make that surprise visit to my house- you will think I look this good all the time.”

Not shown in picture: me spilling a cup of water all over my laptop and my laptop miraculously surviving the event as per usual.

4 thoughts on “Study Smizing (Day 198)

  1. You’re definitely the only one who tries to look good for Starbucks hahaha. When I first moved and could not afford amenities such as cable, I spent quite a few days and nights there. Definitely a few looks I hope no one I know saw, but it was not worth the cuteness. But you do look super cute- love the hat. I’m a hat girl.

    • I just hate the incriminating gazes I get when I walk into Starbucks with sweat-pants on … if it were up to me, I would walk in there clad in pyjamas. Unfortunately, I have not levelled-up to that type of confidence yet :P. I’m a hat girl too, love hats. When I was little I even used to wear my bike helmet while doing homework because it made my head feel smarter… but that’s another story.

  2. I must admit. I really don’t dress for starbucks. Went in my PJ’s once! Haha

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