365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Birthdays Are For Contemplation (Day 191)


If you’re the person behind the camera lens, your life will always appear better in photos. Maybe it’s a narcissistic mentality or a subconscious reality. Either way, here are some photos I took today. It’s my twenty-first birthday.

(Sometimes I attempt to capture reality. Here is a photo of me immediately after waking up. My hair is a mess. But I used a filter to make this picture look better.)

Photo on 1-31-2014 at 10.56 AM #5

(My favourite tea. I drink this every day. It’s probably staining my teeth.)


(My breakfast. I live off of instant oatmeal.)



(My corner of the shower. It takes a lot of product to be a person (this is satire). I’m not as high-maintenance as this photo makes me look.)


(I try to be clean. But toothpaste squishiness is always a reality.)


(The roses that I posted a few days ago are now dying. I’m drying them out upside-down.)


Today was a really weird day because I thought I wanted to spend my birthday like any other day. I did everything I usually do. Ate breakfast, showered, brushed my teeth, did work, blogged. Now I feel lonely, and I think it’s because of the societal expectation that one’s birthday is supposed to be this ‘huge’ event. My room mates are either working or away for the weekend and I told them (insisted, really) that I didn’t want to do anything special so I don’t blame them. It sort of sucks being alone today though, you know? (I’m not complaining or feeling sorry for myself, I’m simply just thinking too much.)

3 thoughts on “Birthdays Are For Contemplation (Day 191)

  1. I sort of really wish I was there to watch tv with you and hang out…happy 21st :)

  2. If thats how you look when you wake. I must say, you look fantastic!

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