365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Sleep to Dream (Day 185)


Tonight I stayed in and had a really great time with my roommates. We talked for a bit, then watched a really trippy seventies movie. Kate bought a new couch for our living space and it makes the room so cozy and homey. We lit a ton of candles and the ambience was super relaxing.


Is it weird that I’m excited to go to bed? I really want to start working on my lucid dreaming. I read up on ‘sleep paralysis’ today and apparently it is easy to transition into a lucid dream from that ‘paralyzed’ state. So instead of panicking when it happens, I’m going to start embracing it.

As well, I also read that sleep paralysis is indicative of stress, and is usually classified as a sleep disorder. I’m trying not to let that get to me though. If it isn’t keeping me awake or distressing me greatly, then I’m not going to count it as a negative occurrence.

3 thoughts on “Sleep to Dream (Day 185)

  1. Social I’ve been working on lucid dreaming for a while now and I’ve often wondered about the dangers of sleep paralysis. but mostly it’s just really really scary, I’ve worked on just telling myself positive things to get through it until I fall asleep so I can have that dream experience. And I have gotten there once or twice. But most of the time the things I’ve experienced are too scary that I give up before I can actually lucid dream. So being particularly sensitive to energies and things normally out of our perception makes it rather difficult. But I think that it is a great thing to work on, our dreams are very important. Also I don’t think that It is a danger I feel like that paralyzed state is normal for what you are trying to achieve in lucid dreaming, since the point is remaining aware while your body is drifting off to sleep so u can be involved in your dream. :)

    • So * not social..autocorrect lol

    • One thing that helps make it less scary is to remember that you have the power to change the scary stuff. Most of the time, I try to wake myself up when something frightening happens but the key I think, is to be able to turn it into something else. That’s what I’ve read anyways. If you stay in control during the dream you can turn negative situations around so they benefit you :).

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