365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Lucid Dreams (Day 184)


I think there is an importance one should place in documenting dreams. The older I get, the more complicated my dreams get, and it’s interesting to be able to track ones growth and development through dreaming. Some months, I don’t remember my dreams, but sometimes weeks will go by and I will remember my dreams incredibly well. I also enjoy meeting people in my dreams. That may sound strange, and I know that scientifically the people we meet in our dreams are always made up of people we’ve seen in real life, but I’m always surprised when a dream involves someone I don’t remember ever meeting.

I’ve had some pretty crazy dreams (I’m not sure if I’ve written about them here before). It’s not necessarily the content of the dreams that is weird, but the way I experience the dreams. I’ve had dreams where I’ve spoken french (this occurred when I was at my peak of learning the language) and dreams where I’ve gone blind (I experienced the dream through smell/touch). I’ve also lucid dreamed and have had dreams where I’ve went unconscious and then ‘woke up’ (all within the dream). When I was young I always had dreams where I could fly (an indication of lucid dreaming) and I’ve had all those cliche dreams where one drowns, falls etc.

After watching “The Good Night” in high school, I realized that I wasn’t dreaming to my full potential. When I was on vacation (at maybe seven years old), I had an incredibly lucid dream. I meant to get up from bed and go to the washroom but I accidentally dreamed that I did this (the room I was in looked exactly the same in my dream). Upon waking up mid-dream and wetting the bed, I was extremely angry at the fact that my dream caused me to believe I was awake. Anyways, upon watching the aforementioned movie, I realized that that was the only truly lucid dream I had ever had.

I’m not sure why, but in the past three months, I have had three lucid dreams. In two of them, I was paralyzed upon waking up (I only understand this feeling because of all the research I’ve done on lucid dreaming). One of my recent lucid dreams was so terrifying because the experience was so ‘out of body’ that as my dream ended (but as I was still in a dream state), I saw myself floating down into my sleeping body. (It should be noted that during these three lucid occasions, I was lying on my back.) I’ve actually been intentionally avoiding falling asleep on my back because of the fear of waking up momentarily paralyzed. It’s not a pleasant experience.

Last night, I happened to have another one of these experiences. The dream that I had was very strange. It was sort of like a ‘dreamception’. I went from dreaming normally, to lucid dreaming, to waking up in that semi-paralyzed state.

I’m pretty good at waking myself up in dreams, probably because I’ve had so many crazy dreams. My dream last night involved me walking down a street with a woman (that I don’t recall ever meeting). We walked until we happened upon a group of boys fighting. I diverted the situation and went into a nearby building (a wussy move, I know). But in the building, the boys cornered me, and were about to kill me.

I tried to wake myself up. And I thought I had succeeded. I sat up in bed, a little freaked out. Then I realized someone was standing at my door. I tried to see who this person was but every time I sat up in bed, my bed frame would rise higher and they would be further blocked from my view. I gave up and went to lie back down but a snake started strangling me (random, I know). Upon eventually realizing that this seemingly real-life experience was really another dream, I shut my eyes tight and tried to wake myself up for real. Upon waking up, I could feel my eyes still shut tight and my body was momentarily paralyzed.

Anyways, this experience was interesting because I can now add ‘double dreaming’ (I just made up that concept haha) to my list of weird methods of dreaming. I’m not sure why I’ve had so many lucid dreams lately, and I would love some insight into the matter. Interestingly enough, they’ve all been nightmares. I woke up last night paranoid that all of my nightmares lately are an indication of brain cancer. I thought I was over that paranoia but I guess not… ah well.

2 thoughts on “Lucid Dreams (Day 184)

  1. It sounds a lot like you’re experiencing something called ‘sleep paralysis’, which can be pretty scary but also incredibly cool!

    • Yeah, it’s pretty scary but definitely a neat experience. Ah, just did some 1 second research and learnt that you can turn sleep paralysis into a lucid dream. I guess my dream did it the opposite way, but it would be interesting to try and control the paralysis aspect and turn it into something lucid! I remember researching all this in high school, it’s so interesting read about again! Thank you for reminding me of the technical term!! :)

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