365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Travel Essentials (Day 180)


Things to have during train, plane, bus or car rides:

Ginger: not only helps with my awful case of acid reflux but it also eases my stomach and nerves. Right now, I’m loving Gin-Gin’s (so much I will maybe do a review of them), a handy little candy made for travel. I like to eat them when I’m not traveling as well.

Tums: have saved me so many times that I’m beginning to think I’m becoming intolerant to them.

Gum: eliminates all worries, especially if you’re seated next to a ‘talker’.

Water: I hate being thirsty more than I hate $4.00 bottles of water. In any case, it’s good to be prepared.

Circle Scarf: I always wear circle scarfs while traveling because they can double as a pillow.

Comfy Clothes: wearing at least semi-comfy clothes while travelling is a no brainer. I also like to pack extra comfies that can double as pajamas. 

Hair Ties: 70% of the time, I’m walking around with at least one black hair tie around my wrist. When I was in grade school, I always felt relief over being friends with at least one person who always seemed to have a hair tie to spare. Now, I’m that person. Hair ties solve all worries. If you have long hair, you’ll understand this.

4 thoughts on “Travel Essentials (Day 180)

  1. I love Gin-Gin’s! So good after a rough night. :)

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