365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Sleep & Tea, Lots of Tea (Day 146)

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I had my last exam today and now I am unsure of how to use my spare time. Do I watch T.V, do I plan out my day, do I sleep for extended periods? Currently, I feel tired, yet I know I can stay up as late as I want, therefore I feel like it’s my duty to not go to sleep yet.  I guess I’ll make some tea and watch Breaking Bad for a while.

Tomorrow I am going to mail a few letters and do some Christmas shopping. I like shopping on my own, it’s sort of relaxing and peaceful. I can take as long as I want and not feel pressured to buy anything. And I like spending lots of time picking out gifts for people.

Today was an okay day for me hypochondria-wise. I’m actually doing pretty good lately. Currently, I have no major long term worries (knock on wood), and instead I’ve just been having minor episodes here and there. Today I had a small one. While waiting for the bus after my exam today, my heart hurt for a second (it felt like a shock), but it soon went away and I am trying not to worry about it. It was probably from the caffeine I drank.

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