365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Insecurities (Day 144)


Why do I write? Because I am really not the best talker! Nonetheless, today’s post is a video. Now you can put a face to this blog! I apologize for the lagging audio.

4 thoughts on “Insecurities (Day 144)

  1. Totally adorable. No makeup needed, besides the fact it’s overrated. I stick to foundation b/c not only it can help protect your skin, but since I have a sensitivity to the sun it’s somewhat vital for me. That said, I find myself feeling extremely insecure this past year without it due to face breakouts I’ve never had so bad or consistent (thank you stress, lack of sleep, & more stress).

    My other insecurity is my dark thick wirey hair against pale Sun deprived skin. Can’t tan (nor really care to) and I just hate the way my shaved legs look unshaven. Waxing is either expensive or an exhausting solo endeavor and electrolysis is b.s. I used to love wearing skirts but somewhere along the way I got awkwardness into my brain. Boooo brain. meh.

    • Ah, you’re the best <3. And I totally know how you feel about the dark hair/ pale skin thing. I'm not so insecure about my leg hair, I get more insecure about hair on my face. But I also have this thing where I never wear dresses or skirts. I think half the reason is because I'm not overtly feminine that way, but the other half of it is that I don't completely love my legs. Glad you're back btw, I missed your blogging presence! :)

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