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Self Care: How to Press Flowers (Day 139)

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I figured I would create a sort of ‘diy’ post today since the holiday season is upon us. During the winter holidays, I like giving homemade gifts as money is tight and I think presents are more special when you make them yourself. Last year, I gave some of my family members poems that I wrote specifically for them. To make them a little more ‘giftable’, I simply framed them. I like to do the same thing with pressed flowers. Not only is pressing flowers fun to do, but it can be extremely therapeutic. During the holidays, stress is often high and pressing flowers is a great method of self-care. I like to sit down with a bouquet of flowers, my favourite music, and a cup of tea and work away. Try it. Not only will you feel relaxed afterwards, but you can create a gift out of your flower pressings.

Tomorrow’s post will be centred around creating gifts out of your pressed flowers, today’s post will be specifically about pressing them.



Items You’ll Need





When I feel like pressing flowers, I usually buy a bouquet (or pick the flowers myself) and then keep them in my home for about a week before I press them. That way, I can enjoy the flowers in my home and once they start wilting, I can press them before they die. If it’s snowy where you are (and you can’t pick your own flowers) my tip is to not buy pre-made bouquets. Instead, go to the flower shop and create your own bouquet, that way there isn’t a set price and it’s usually cheaper than buying flowers that are pre-arranged.

When I am ready to press my flowers, I usually cut all the heads off of the flowers first and place them in a bowl. This way, your work station is more organized. Then I decide how to press each flower depending on its size. For chunkier flowers, it’s usually best to pick off each petal and press the individual petals, as it’s hard to dry a larger flower without having it go mouldy in the process. Smaller, thinner flowers can be placed right inside of the book(s) you are using. It’s best to place paper below and above your flowers or petals as this protects the pages of your books. When you have finished pressing your bouquet, stack the books on top of each other and make sure that the top books are flower-free. Then, wait a week and a half or two weeks and your flowers will be dry! The first time I ever pressed flowers, I made the mistake of framing my pressed flowers before they were fully dry. They ended up going rotten inside of the frames…not a pretty sight…so be patient!

I hope this helped anyone who’s interested in pressing flowers!

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