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Robotic Camels & Goodbyes (133)

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The grocery store that I usually shop at is inside of a mall. Today, I walked there to pick up some odds and ends and was delighted to see that they had their Christmas decorations up. The decorations at this mall are always a bit outdated and strange. This christmas, they had semi life-size robotic carollers as well as a robotic rendition of the ‘nativity scene’. I walked by a moving camel that gave me quite a fright.  I don’t know WHAT I was thinking, but after a confused older woman stopped to look at the nativity scene, I saw the camel and thought, “why the hell do they have animals in here??” I actually thought that it was real. I was extremely freaked out but upon closer analysis of the camel I realized that it was fake. CLEARLY, I did not get enough sleep last night.

As well, today was the day of my last ecology class. It was really sad, and everyone sort of hung back for as long as they could. I’m so glad I was able to learn with such a great group of people.

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