365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.


Happy Last Day of ’13! (Day 160)

Since I started this blog in the summer, my journey is far from over, even though 2013 is ending. While writing this post I am aware that ‘365 days’ provides only a snapshot of mental ‘illness’ and ‘recovery’. Recovery is a concept that has no end; we are always recovering (always coping). 365 days is simply a time frame in which to document growth. A span of time that holds no judgement. I don’t think I could have picked a better time in my life to start this project. I am young, but feel old, and I am only just beginning to really connect with myself and others. In 2014, I will turn 21, I will love, I will hate, and I will continue existing. I will still spend too much time on the internet and I will still have moments where I don’t want to get out of bed. If next year is harder or easier than the last, I will not be harder or easier on myself. I will simply work on loving myself; ‘craziness’ and all.

Here’s to a messy and exciting 2014.

Thanks for reading.



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Constants (Days 155-159)


It was nice to get away for awhile. Unfortunately, while I was staying with my grandmother, my grandfather had to be taken to the hospital. After several days, the doctors still don’t know what is wrong with him, but he doesn’t seem to mind the hospital too much. He loves the food. He even saved one of the menus (the main meal was beef tips with red wine sauce) for my grandmother, so she can recreate it at home. He’s hilarious.

 Staying with my grandmother always resembles a trip to the past  (a material, white suburban version of the past, of course). I wasn’t alive in the era of black and white movies, ambrosia salad, and oldie music but it’s as if I’ve known those things all my life. 

When it comes to mental health, my mind has been a little crazy lately. Not in regards to hypochondria, but just in regards to overall ‘craziness’. I really want to start taking care of myself and exercising. I feel like my writer’s block and my poor eating are closely related. One of my cousins is really into natural health remedies and yoga- I would love to try and calm my mind through holistic approaches. Today, I relieved some stress by making a list. I wrote down all the things in my life that I know are constant. The ‘constants’ I came up with were things I could depend on, things that I know won’t really change (things like grades and my very close friends). I highly recommend making a list like this. It’s a big stress reliever!


Christmas (Day 154)

Today we were able to come back home and enjoy a house with heat and electricity. Tonight I’m going to my grandmother’s house for a few days and there won’t be any internet, so I will post about my time there when I get back. I just want to be able to spend some time with her without having to worry about finding internet and uploading a blog post. I hope everyone had a lovely day! Here are some photos:





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Ice Storm (Days 151 & 152)

The ice storm that hit Ontario squandered my blogging yesterday. My house (in my hometown) has been without power, so internet access has been impossible. We’ve been trying to heat the house with our fireplaces but it’s still quite chilly and we have no running water. The power is supposed to go up at 10:00pm tonight but who knows if that will happen. Certain authorities are saying that some homes will be without hydro on Christmas.

I think the thing that bothers me the most about having no hydro is the increased spread of bacteria and germs. I was so happy to finally have a shower today- my aunt and uncle live a town over from us, and fortunately enough, they happen to have power. So here I am, showered and warm and blogging away. If I don’t post tomorrow, it’s because I’m back at home with no internet- c’est la vie.



The trees have been hit pretty hard. Most of them are halfway drooped over and branches are falling nonstop.



My family home runs off of a well so once the power went out, we had no water. My mom and I drove into town to see if any stores were open but the only establishment with a back up generator was Tim Hortons (go figure). Luckily, we were able to stock up on some water there. I was glad that we were able to find something because the other alternative -drinking snow that had been boiled on our gas stove- didn’t seem too appealing. But I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.


No Words (Day 149)

I don’t really have any words to write today. Nothing insightful or amusing. I thought that coming back to my hometown for the holidays would make me inspired and healthy again, but I’m homesick for the city. My friends are home to me and I miss them. Holidays like Christmas have the power to displace people, and no one really talks about that.