365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Food Paradoxes (Day 120)


The longer I am alive in this world, the more I realize that almost every aspect of my life is paradoxical. I wonder if the concept of life is a paradox in and of itself. Maybe everyone, by virtue of living, feels paradoxical.

This post is meant to be sort of funny. I had this realization today that even the foods I eat are filled with paradox. I often try to make unhealthy things healthy, and if I dislike a food, I will reformulate it somehow to make it enjoyable. Here are the paradoxes I consumed today:

1. Herbal Hot Chocolate

I have always had a disdain for hot chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some chocolate, but hot chocolate always seemed to either give me a headache or make me nauseous. Fear not, because I have found a solution. If I combine peppermint tea with instant hot chocolate, I get a minty chocolate drink that satisfies my sweet tooth while supplying me caffeine and the added herbal benefits of peppermint. I usually always go for a second cup of this stuff, it’s so delicious and simple.

3. Autumn Flavoured Banana Snack

One look at this creation made me think of autumn, but then I thought- wait, bananas are definitely not autumnal. This snack combines banana, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a dabble of apple butter, and a spoonful of hazelnut-almond butter. It might look disgusting but it tastes amazing.

2. “Nutritional” Instant Ramen

I recently bought seven packages of veggie instant ramen from the grocery store. Why? Because they were 37 cents each! Instant ramen sort of freaks me out, I always nix the little packet of seasoning and just use the noodles mixed with hot water. Today I wanted to make my soup a little more nutrient-rich so I added de-hydrated garlic and nutritional yeast. (As well, I added Sriracha and hoisin sauce, but those two aren’t so healthy.) That’s a step in the right direction, right?

3 thoughts on “Food Paradoxes (Day 120)

  1. mmmm i love hot chocolate with a peppermint tea bag in it…still makes me feel sick..but so good :p

    • That’s so interesting that it makes you sick too (maybe it runs in the family haha) and I can’t believe I didn’t think of the peppermint thing sooner!

      • Maybe….anything overly processed or sugary or….gluten or dairy…makes me feel sick….but sometimes i just cheat and deal with the consequences.Larissa had white hot chocolate with a blueberry tea bag….really good

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