365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Toronto ! Continued… (Day 102)

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Today we got up early, checked out of our hotel and visited the Danforth. We found a cute little Detroit themed ‘All Day Breakfast” diner. After eating breakfast (at 12:00pm) we went across the street to Demetres, a dessert restaurant that used to be located in the city we are from.

Then we took the subway to a strange area that boasted some beautiful- yet boarded up -houses. Some people in our group explored the inside of one of the homes, but others (including me) decided not to. I’m all about clean beautiful homes, not once-beautiful homes that boast rusty nails, chipped paint, and garbage from squatters (cough- hypochondriac).





Afterwords we took the subway back to the train station and waited until our train was ready to board. To kill time I tried my hand at one of those claw machines (that make winning a stuffed animal impossible) and I actually won something!

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