365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Toronto ! (Day 101)


After taking the train to Toronto with the group, we checked into our hotel, drank some homemade wine and made our way to a cute pub down the street. We then proceeded to order a feast and four pitchers of beer.

Today we wandered down Chinatown and Kenzington. Kenzington is basically a hippy section of Toronto that boasts weed cafes and organic food dives, among other things. We went into a really interesting shop that I’ve never been to before called “Blue Banana Market”. I bought a necklace and magnet with a vintage looking woman pictured on it that says, “I’m only superficial on the outside.”

After that we ate at an amazing place on Spadina known for their dumplings, hilariously called “Mother’s Dumplings”. It was amazing and I highly recommend it, they have some really good vegetarian options.

The aftermath.

The aftermath.

Before the Eaton Centre closed we rushed off to go shopping. I bought a really cute sweater last minute and then we rushed back to the hotel. We now getting ready to go out.

Happy Saturday.


2 thoughts on “Toronto ! (Day 101)

  1. Ah, you lived my life. Josh and I LOVEEEE Blue Banana and go multiple times a month when we are in Toronto. Also, Mother’s Dumpling is my favourite dim sum in Toronto. :) And I worked at the Eaton Centre. Hehehehe.

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