365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Hypochondria & Body Image (Day 90)


I don’t have enough time tonight to fully discuss the reasons why I think hypochondria (for some people) can be inextricably linked to body image issues. But I wanted to get the thought out there so I can tackle the topic in a future post (perhaps tomorrows post).

Living with hypochondria creates a heightened awareness of one’s body, at least in my experience. My body is inherently connected to my health (and vice versa). Yet sometimes, the two concepts-body and heath- work to contradict each other, and I believe the reason for this the heightened awareness I have towards my body and it’s size, structure, and imperfections (as well as the parts of my body that I don’t deem ‘imperfect’).

So yeah, I’m just getting the thought out there so I can hopefully elaborate on it tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Hypochondria & Body Image (Day 90)

  1. I found out during counselling that for me at least, there is definitely a link between body image and my hypochondria!

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