365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Hyperactive Anxiety aka- Too Much Coffee (Day 83)


So it is 12:53 am- I am therefore counting this as day 83. I thought I would simply write about a small episode I had tonight (or last night, I guess) involving coffee and an essay that needed to be written. You guys seem to enjoy my weird and embarrassing episodes. This doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

Naturally, my first instinct at 9:00pm was to get coffee. A large coffee. I had an essay I needed to finish and was incredibly tired from the work I had to complete the night before (the week of hell that I had last week is sadly leaking into this week). I sipped on my black coffee while finishing my essay. I enjoy coffee even when it gets cold, so I never stopped sipping (and the damn thing isn’t even empty yet). About three quarters through my assignment I could really feel the caffeine kicking in. I’m petite so I guess that sped up the process. It all caught up with me and all of a sudden I felt my heart beating faster and I also had the incredible desire to go for a jog across town. I didn’t go for a jog- my essay had to get done. Instead, I started to become a little worried about my heart and my panic was a fast-paced caffeine-induced sort of panic. I decided the best way to combat my anxiety would be to shake it off, try to pee out some of the caffeine, and drink some water. I did all of the above and felt a lot better. And the great thing is- I finished my essay!

3 thoughts on “Hyperactive Anxiety aka- Too Much Coffee (Day 83)

  1. I live on coffee (I’m actually pretty positive you’ve never seen me without a coffee in hand, haha) and I get pretty regular heart palpitations from excessive caffeine. I get the same kind of anxiety aka “is my heart failing” “am I going to go into hyperactive shock” but I never have! So I continue drinking my black coffee. :) Yay for being done essays!

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