365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Ghosts-Part One (Day 79)


I was going to publish the story of my ghostly encounter on Halloween, but there are two parts to the story, and I figure that posting a ‘spooky’ story on Halloween is overdone anyways. (Plus I just really feel like telling you guys).

The first part of the story takes place on Easter, I think I was in grade seven or eight. My family celebrated the holiday at my grandmother’s house as we always do. I didn’t expect anything strange to happen. My mind was pre-occupied with laughter and conversation, I was excited to be with my family.

About halfway into the evening (it was still light outside), I realized my mother wasn’t outdoors with the rest of the family. Being the attached kid I was, I curiously went searching for her. I figured she would be in the kitchen. Someone was always in my grandmother’s kitchen, either finishing up a meal or making coffee. My grandmother’s house has a side door that brings you to a lower landing. Once you enter the side of the house, there is a large set of stairs that takes you up onto the main floor: the kitchen is the first room you see when you look up the staircase. Past the kitchen, you can see the front door. Invisible from the bottom of the stairs is the living room, a wall separates the living room from the kitchen. You can peak into the living room if you walk up the stairs about midway.

On this such occasion I walked into the house through the side door, expecting to see my mother in the kitchen. When I looked up into the kitchen from the bottom of the stairs, no one was there. I looked at the front door and saw a man in brown quickly walk from the front door into the living room. From my angle, I couldn’t see who it was (I suspected it was my uncle). I ran up the stairs halfway and peaked my head towards the living room. No one was there.

“Uncle Greg?”


I am not exaggerating when I say I ran out of the house immediately after that. Once outside, I found everyone in the back yard. The only person who had been inside the house was me.

I told my mother about what I saw that evening. I was relieved when she believed me. She told me that when she was young, she also saw a figure of a man in the house.

For a while I didn’t experience anything else at my grandmother’s house. But during a week long stay, maybe a couple of years later (when I was in high school) I had some creepy ass shit happen. But I’ll make that Saturday’s post :).

2 thoughts on “Ghosts-Part One (Day 79)

  1. So excited for the next one!! I love ghost stories, we should have an event where we exchange stories we’ve heard and stories we’ve experienced. :)

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