365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

All-Nighter (Day 77)


I have two assignments due tomorrow that I have yet to finish (and believe it or not I didn’t procrastinate them). This week was basically an earthly version of hell for me. Ok, that’s a gross exaggeration, but in all seriousness, I have had assignments due every day this week and no amount of time management could have prevented my working all night. My plans to go to a queer trivia night downtown had to be squashed and I am sitting on the couch in my living room, surrounded by takeout that will probably make me ill. I have two 1000 word assignments on my desktop that need to be completed (it doesn’t seem like a lot of work but it all requires a lot of in-depth thinking). One of the assignments is a creative writing piece and unfortunately I’m having writer’s block. So I will inevitably be up all night. I am sort of irritated because I love sleep so much but I also slept for three hours after class and have unlimited tea and coffee in my cupboards so maybe that will help.

This has been a frantic post.


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