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How I Stopped Procrastinating (Day 75)

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I find that I get the most work done two days before my project(s) are due. I finish half of my work on the first day and the other half on the second day, the day before the due date. In my first year of university I would leave everything until the day before and this created a version of me that was working until 4:00am sometimes, trying to get everything done. I guess two full years in university have taught me a lot about procrastination, and how to avoid it. Now I have a system that works for me. Some people might think that giving yourself only two days to complete a task is a method of procrastination but for me, when I have a lot of things I have to get done, it works (I do however, give myself more time for larger essays and research).

Here are a bunch of methods that have eased my procrastinating:

1. If I need a break, I make a tea. For some reason brewing a cup of tea makes me feel like a responsible adult. This feeling motivates me to get my shit together.

2. Put on some music or background noise (if it helps you focus). I really enjoy this site– it saves me from spending twenty dollars over a six hour stay at Starbucks. Bring the coffee shop to your own home!

3. Take breaks. I like to reward myself with T.V. For example, last night I was working on an essay and I would reward myself with an episode of breaking bad every time I got tired of writing. After every episode, I would feel sort of guilty and get more of my essay done. I finished half of my essay this way!

4. Create a calendar and keep note of everything you have to do. Then delete things as you finish them. It eases your stress.

5. A lot of the time, I use eating as an excuse to stop working. So when I eat, I spend all of my time not working, this way, I can get back into everything after my break and it also gives me a chance to enjoy my food, instead of stress eating.

6. Work next to other people. I get more work done when other people are around me because I like to make other people think that I’m studious. When I’m working in public, I get down to business.

7. Wear comfies. I find that I can’t work if I’m uncomfortable so this is a given.

Hope this helps some people!


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