365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

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Spooky Night In (Day 99)

Deadlines and tea… so scary!!

Hypochondria thoughts: mild.

Today I was eating some peanut butter. When I eat foods that I haven’t eaten in awhile, I get freaked out that I might have developed an allergy. And peanut butter is one of those foods that can be super allergenic so I cautiously ate it. It was so good though. No allergy here. Knock on wood, of course. ;)

Tea #3

Tea #3



A Shameless Post About: Hair (Day 97)

Add this post to the long list of abnormal behaviours I seem to have accumulated from my extended time as a hypochondriac.

Since high school I have had this issue of pulling at the hair on my head. I didn’t realize what I was doing until my second year of university. I unintentionally happened upon a video about trichotillomania (something I had perviously never heard of). But while  learning about it, I felt as if someone had punched me in the stomach. It was sort of a “so that’s what this is” sort of feeling. I don’t compulsively pull out my hair to any sort of extreme and I wouldn’t identify as someone who has trichotillomania, but I do catch myself subconsciously pulling at the hair on my head. Hearing about the condition just sort of gave me some context into why the hell I have an urge to pick at my head. I consider myself extremely lucky because I do it extremely mildly.

Anyways, watching this video was sort of an eye-opener. I had an instant flashback to high school (when it started). I remember sitting on the couch in my basement and watching television. While watching T.V,  I would pull out my hair. I didn’t realize that what I was doing was considered ‘abnormal’. I would search for the hairs on my head that seemed out of place. At their roots they felt more damaged than the other ones. I pondered the idea of why this may be: how could the roots of my hair become damaged? I got a lot of relief from finding these hairs and pulling them out.

Song of the Day: Wildest Moments by Jessie Ware

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Pita’s, Writing, and Tea (Day 95)

I have an abnormal love for Pita’s. One of my part-time jobs is in a Pita shop and so when I work there, I always buy a Pita at some point during my shift. When I don’t work I constantly crave them, so it’s a bit of a problem. A delicious problem. When you stuff them with fresh veggies they are super healthy too. Today, other than working and eating my usual Sunday-after-work Pita, I mostly just chilled out, as I had to recover from last night. Last night involved a lot of gin. Tonight, I may be pulling another all-nighter in order to finish a creative writing assignment (due tomorrow!). What is it with me and all nighters?? I’m excited to drink multiple cups of tea whilst listening to playlists on Songza. Is it weird that I enjoy that?

Hypochondria thoughts: mild.

I had some anxiety while opening a can of olives at work (cue laugh-track). This is going to sound extremely weird but sometimes I become paranoid when I open cans of food because I think the can opener might scratch pieces of the tin can into the food and then I will eat them and get sick. You’re probably thinking wtf. Anyway, the cans of olives at my work are so big that I always have a hard time opening them. I had to go around the can with the can opener about fifty thousand times and then it still didn’t open (I had to shake the olives out of a tiny crack that I pried open). When I was done, the table was covered in pieces of the label that was stuck on the can and little metal bits. Because of my health anxiety, it freaked me out (I have no other explanation).

P.S- Song of the day is World Spins Madly On by The Weepies. You know when you hear a song at a particular moment and you think, this song fits perfectly with this moment, well this song did that for me today.

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Halloween, Spaghetti & Essay Writing (Day 94)

Today I got up late (1:30pm). I have dedicated the day to finishing an essay and then tonight I’m going to my first halloween party of the week. I am going as Kourtney Kardashian, while my three other friends are going as Rob, Kim, and Kloe Kardashian. Should be fun.

Hypochondria thoughts: extremely mild.

I was a little paranoid about vitamins today but I simply solved that with a vitamin c tablet, and I made an actual meal (it has been a while)! Problem solved. Revelling in spaghetti. It’s been so long since I’ve had spaghetti.