365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Waiting is Wasting? (Day 65)



The western world spends a lot of time waiting. We wait in lines at restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery checkouts. We wait for the bus, for the train, for the car to warm up in the winter. We wait for our shifts to be over at work, and then we go home and wait for microwave to beep. I spend a lot of time waiting on/for people. I wait for my friends  and I wait for lovers to make the first move. I always want the other person to kiss me first, to call me first, so I wait, wait, wait.

I try making the first move- I arrive everywhere early. Then I wait even longer. I wait for the bus to pull out of the station and I wait for my tea to be made and I wait for my class to start.

I think I’ve mastered the art of waiting and maybe the rest of my life will be spent trying to find an alternative solution to the whole concept. Trying to delegitimize the theory of time.



3 thoughts on “Waiting is Wasting? (Day 65)

  1. I’m usually a notorious multitasker, diddle dawdler and people watcher… which all tend to pass the time when waiting… so not all is wasted when I can turn those moments into something. But it’s not always convenient or easy to find other things to do or to simply relax, especially when opening doors for others to take a step in. I think that’s when anxiety rises and the time factor in waiting becomes more apparent.. feeling every moment.. your “tick tick tick”. When waiting involves expectations for someone else… (not like expecting the bus to arrive, but expecting that kiss, to be invited, even an initial greeting.. etc..)… I think that’s where the wasting comes in for me. It’s when focus shifts to the possibility or want of an action.. even if I made the first move, I have to wait for the result.. and sometimes wait and wait and wait… expectations… that’s something I haven’t mastered.

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