365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Feminist Fortress (An In-Depth Analysis) (Day 61)


Everyone in my house (for the most part) is currently sick. I don’t have any anxiety about it. I actually enjoy being sick with other people, because it feels like a team effort to get better (is that weird?). I asked them (my room-mates) what I should write about today and they jokingly suggested that I write about them (so I will hehe). Because they will probably be mentioned at some point or another, here is a rundown of some of my friends (or the ones who are currently in the same room as me right now).

Kate & Saralyn: Kate, Saralyn, and I always joke about how we are all so much alike. But we do have our differences. Kate is an amazing cello player (who once had the opportunity to play with Yo-Yo Ma), she also enjoys all things femme and is probably the most whimsical, easygoing hippy figure in my life. She can read a novel in a day or less and can write a ten page essay in under five hours. I would describe Saralyn as a genius psych-major who aspires to be an air traffic controller (she actually just passed a required test). Saralyn is also a free-spirit who enjoys copious amounts of oatmeal and going for runs. She also shares my love of everything Kardashian.

Tasha: Tasha is my other roommate (besides Saralyn and Kate, making us a house of five, although we have some honorary roomies). Tasha is a newer friend so I don’t know as much about her but I do know that she loves computers, media, and feminism, just as much as the rest of us. And she’s super lovely and nice.

Deanna: Deanna is our honorary fifth roommate. She’s not on the lease but basically lives with us, and we love it. Deanna has a badass half-sleeve and is one of my oldest friends here. We’ve known each other since high school. Deanna enjoys bringing Kate her crystal light (she drinks a lot of crystal light) and fixing things. She has a passion for women’s studies, gender studies and social work, so that’s pretty cool. She can also play the guitar like a boss and can draw an extremely realistic looking portrait.

Mich: Mich is our honorary sixth roommate. Mich is the official computer-fixer of the house. Mich also sometimes brings us vegan cookies or sage and we love them for it. Mich is a lot of fun and has a similar personality to the rest of us, so they mesh perfectly with our houses’ vibes.

I always joke that Mich and Deanna are never allowed to leave because I love their presence so much.

Ella: Ella is our overachieving friend. She is currently twenty years old (as of yesterday) and she is a partner at a design company downtown. A partner. At twenty. She also hates hot sauce and has a love affair with her iPhone. But we accept her weirdness. As well, Ella would win any swagger competition.

Overall, we are a strange house. We order WAY too much middle-eastern food and frozen-yogurt for delivery and there is constantly an old-school video game being played in the living room at ALL moments. But we are probably the cutest all-queer, all-feminist house on the block.

And those are my lovely beauties  (I love you guys).

2 thoughts on “Feminist Fortress (An In-Depth Analysis) (Day 61)

  1. This literally made me smile all the way through. I kind of love the makeshift family dynamic that happens in student housing. :)

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