365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Cherished and Lost and Found (Day 57)


Today in one of my classes, my professor asked us to individually write down a list of ten things we have lost or found. I wrote down the following:

“ten things I’ve lost or found:

-my aunt’s ring

-my sanity

-my grandmother

-my baby teeth


-my virginity

-my friends

-my belief in god

-my innocence

-a feeling of family away from home”

Half of the things in my list just happened to be material, and the other half are things I can’t hold in my two hands. Out of the entire list, six of the things are lost, and five of them have been found.

It’s an interesting concept, losing things and finding them. The world is a huge place; if only we could shrink it down to a box and rifle through all the plants and trees and find the things that are dearest to us. And it would be equally as productive if we could place in the box all the things that we no longer need (and leave them for a scavenger). But if I could throw away heartbreak and insecurity and all the old books that I will never read, would I? What would you throw in the box? And what would you die to find?

6 thoughts on “Cherished and Lost and Found (Day 57)

  1. I would gladly throw anxiety and depression in a box and I’d be happy to never go looking for them. Aside from that, I’m not sure I would want to throw any of it away. The experiences, the good and the bad, have shaped me into what I am now. Truth be told, if I had to throw anything into a box, I think I’d hoard all of them and never truly let them go. I’m not sure I’d die to find anything but I would certainly enjoy finding inner peace and confidence. That would be the cherry on top. :)

  2. I think I lose and find my sanity multiple times a day. But it’s hard to say what I would do if I could make it go away permanently. Obviously my life would be easier but I have no idea who I would be without it.

  3. * I am referring to my anxiety. Haha. Obviously I am having a mental-cloud day.

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