365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Market (Day 48)

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After my ‘home and belonging’ class finished, I tried to find a quiet place on campus to relax. I ended up happening upon a little market positioned in font of the social science building. This market exists every tuesday morning on campus (the concept was created last spring). I never had the opportunity to go to it last year, so I was so excited when I found it by accident. Everything there was so tempting but I only had six dollars in cash, so I had to pick wisely. One of the vendors was selling bags of kettle corn (I will be back for them), another was selling two dollar bunches of kale, and another table was offering a carton of raspberries for only three dollars. But as soon as I saw a lady selling beautiful bunches of flowers, I was sold. I ended up buying this particular bouquet (they will be perfect to press). After I bought the flowers, I sped home to put them in water and later landed back on campus for my spirituality class. It was a great day.

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