365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Content (Day 47)


I haven’t felt more content than I am today. I had my first creative writing workshop of the year. It’s a class (my professor prefers the term ‘coterie’) that is designed to develop creative writing skills. The entire class had to submit work for acceptance into the course, so we are incredibly lucky to be apart of it.

I only have one class on mondays, so afterwards, I took the bus home and walked to the grocery store. I picked up some organic bananas, almond butter, almond/hazelnut butter, plain instant oatmeal, and Sriracha. I walked back from the store to a peaceful home.

My house last year was awful. Two of my room mates (out of five in total) were a couple. Never live with a couple. In summary, it was a poisonous environment. I am so very blessed to be living with amazing friends this year.

I hope everyone else is feeling the good vibes also.

2 thoughts on “Content (Day 47)

  1. Also don’t live with people who’s car has any level of junk on the floors. If you can’t put your feet down in their car, you know you’ll always be picking up after them at home.
    Today is zen-fabulous.

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