365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Back to Health (Day 43)


Greek yogurt/raspberries/sunflower seeds.

Greek yogurt/raspberries/sunflower seeds.

I am officially back to working out and eating well. One of my roommates and I signed up for an organic/local box of fruits and veggies that is delivered to your door every so often. Our first box came today: local and organic peaches, grapes, bok choy, romaine, cremini mushrooms, cauliflower, red onion, corn, purple beans, acorn squash, and peppers are now loaded into our area of the fridge. I used to eat bok choy a lot as a kid, so that was an interesting vegetable to receive. I made some tonight for dinner and it tasted much better than it did when I was young! I’ve also started to work out again. It’s been a while, so I am easing myself back into my rhythm. Another thing I am trying is meditation. I used to also be an avid meditator back in high school, and it used to help me sleep. All of these lifestyle changes will calm my heart and my mind, I hope, just in time for school.

If anyone has any healthy lifestyle tips, let me know!

3 thoughts on “Back to Health (Day 43)

  1. I love bok choy, it’s supposedly extremely healthy amazing for you. I started eating it a lot this year (mostly raw or briefly cooked) and saw a huge difference in how I felt physically. Somehow I forgot about it the past few months, so thanks for the reminder!
    Also, I think taking solo timeouts like a quiet walk, even if brief, does wonders for mind and body. It’s still exercise, but calmer and is when I tend to notice more of the little things in life.

    • Too funny, I just commented on one of your posts ! :) I’m so glad my post reminded you! And yes, I agree, I have to take solo walks more often. I walk to work and such but it’s more of a stress-filled speed-walk haha.

      • Lol. Oh yeah, I didn’t include my morning zombie walk to the bus for work. The walk home is usually a hungry exhausted thing. I keep meaning to walk the 60 mins home sometime. That usually only happens out of frustration with tourist season/traffic jams/the works. (=

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