365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Trust Fall (Day 25)

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Did you ever play the trust game in grade school? One person would stand straight with their arms out and the other person would stand in front of them and fall back, relying on only trust in the other person to ensure their safety. In the context of recovery, I like to think of my friends as my stable support system; the people who won’t let me fall. Of course I won’t let myself fall either, but it’s important to have that network of people to ‘fall back on’ (should you hypothetically need it) . I can pick out a few people who might remain paralyzed if I ever asked them to play the trust game. I think that during any sort of recovery, it’s important to disassociate yourself from these people. Not because they would harm your mentality per say, but because- why have someone in your life if you know they won’t be there for you (even if you’re sure you won’t need them)? I know how to fall, and I’m not very scared of falling (mentally), but I want the quality of my life to be at it’s peak, and that means surrounding myself with quality people.

One thought on “Trust Fall (Day 25)

  1. Makes me think of Mean Girls. “She doesn’t even go here”
    Kira you have an army of people who would catch you, including me and Nat. xo

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