365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Roses & Thorns (Day 23)

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Today I got up, worked, and purchased a delicious iced coffee (no sugar, just milk) on my way home. Now I am about to relax and catch up on Pretty Little Liars. I am a little worried about tonight though. I’m going to be watching the movie that sort of triggered my health anxiety when I was young. It’s not actually a scary movie (I don’t think) but I remember it as being such. It’s kind of a big thing for me to watch it because if I had the choice, I would keep avoiding it, but I feel like watching it is something I need to do in order to start recovery. I feel like my eight year old self, the way that I am worried. I just have to stay focused and remember that I am not scared of the things that I was frightened of when I was young. Anyways, I will write about how it went tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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