365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Just a Thought (Day 22)

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If I were to ever fall in love, it would be with a life-keeper. Someone who stores (and keeps) memories and photographs, verses and dreams, in diaries or albums. I always feel the need to jot down everything; this way I can keep track of myself and the ones I love. It’s reassuring. I like people who think about moments right when they are happening or people who imagine themselves as movie characters during a conversation and replay moments for days on end. The people with minds that take up more space than their physical bodies do; those who transcend themselves.

There’s something romantic in the way that human’s keep things. We hold on to life through journals and blogs and even though we’ll be gone someday, we feel reassured to have our lives written or photographed for us, physical copies of our thoughts and realities. If- in some small insignificant way- I can live past my time, I will. Wouldn’t you want your story to be told when you’re gone?

End thought.

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