365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Sirens (Day 20)


“Margaret, please find me, I’m almost 35 now!”

I saw this graffitied on the wall of a building beside a busy intersection in a city I was visiting. I thought it was beautiful and sad at the same time, and I wish I had taken a photo of it. These kind of messages are obviously fuelled by strong emotion and they come as reminders to passersby; reminders that we feel.

While walking to the store yesterday I happened upon a man who asked me if I thought it was going to rain. I said, yes, because it was so quiet out. Eventually we got to talking about how our city usually has an abnormal amount of sirens blaring at all hours of the day. He said it never used to be like that. Then he told me his theory, at first I thought he was crazy, but he eventually explained himself. “Human’s nowadays are robots, I think the sirens are there to test us; remind us that we are living. No one really lives anymore; we wake up, we eat, we drive to work. I think the police run their sirens more often to make sure no one gets hurt while they are zoned out in that non-human state”.

From meaningful graffiti, to kind notes from strangers, to the trinkets that pop out of cereal boxes. If we take a look around, it is possible to draw inspiration from the little things that remind us we are human, that we feel.  These are our “sirens”.

I found this s

I found this siren in Alabama, luckily I snapped a photo.

2 thoughts on “Sirens (Day 20)

  1. While driving to London- nearly ever bridge overpass has a message on it by I assume the same person/group of people. I always want to photograph them all, because graffiti can be so temporary. You should go back and snap a picture of that.

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