365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Pizza… (Day 17)

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I would rather not share this, but I’ve decided to hold nothing back (even my embarrassing episodes of anxiety).

For dinner yesterday, I decided to make a pizza on the stove via inspiration from thebrothersgreen on youtube. It worked out great except for the part where I sort of burned the entire bottom of it. I seem to burn a lot of things accidentally- even Poptarts. So anyways, I still ate most of it because it wasn’t SO burnt that it didn’t taste bad, and I’m a student on a budget, so I hate throwing out food. Afterwards though, my hypochondria kicked in (to my utter annoyance) and I started getting worried about what eating burnt food does to your health. Thoughts revolving around cancer and food poisoning planted themselves in my brain. I did what I usually do, just acted like everything was fine. I also tried to shut out that part of my mind. As well, I made a healthy smoothie to try and cancel out whatever I was worrying about (lol).

So there you have it folks- health anxiety is not glamorous, who wants to obsess over a pizza for an hour? It’s actually laughable. In retrospect, of course.

Proof of my culinary failure (I didn’t eat these):


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