365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Common Colds & Student Living (Day 11)

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There are some ways in which my anxiety has somewhat ‘benefitted’ me. One of the benefits is that I have learned exactly how to take care of myself. I know just what my body needs when I’m feeling a certain way: when I have a cold or flu, I am the best at nursing myself back to good heath. For example, when I have a winter cold I gravitate to warm blankets, vitamin c, green tea with honey or lemon, and soup (and garlic, lot’s of garlic!).

I always keep a stash of medicine in my house for unexpected stomachaches or sore throats, as well as other ailments, and my preparedness has not only benefitted me personally, but it’s also benefitted friends, family, and room mates.

As well, since I used to research illnesses a lot in the past, I am good at hypothetically diagnosing other people. Not as a medical professional of course, but in essence, I am good at taking care of others when they have a minor cold or something small. I can stay rational when it comes to other people’s bodies and sickness, so I guess that’s handy.

I’m not the kind of hypochondriac who takes medicine all the time though. I actually try to get through a cold or flu naturally, before I take any actual medicine; I simply just like to be prepared for worst-case scenarios.

The only thing I really dislike about getting sick is that I really lack the motivation to perform any natural daily routine. I cancel plans, and rain-check get-togethers with friends because when I’m even only a little bit sick, I like to focus completely on getting better. And maybe I’m guilty of using it as an excuse to ignore all of my usual responsibilities (Netflix, soup, and cozy blankets turn into my priorities). This wouldn’t be a bad thing if I ever had a stay-at-home type of job but in reality, I will probably have to get over this little habit of mine eventually.

P.S Sorry that these posts have been a little random lately, I’m at a cottage with sporadic hot-spots so I don’t have a lot of time to sit down and write- I’m home tonight though!

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