365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

Pre-occupied (Day 10)

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Pre-occupied- that’s my personality type. Not pre-occupied in a negative sense, rather my personality is one that needs constant inconsistency. I think this is why I tend to go through phases. Since childhood, I have been the type of person to obsessively focus on a certain hobby for an allotted amount of time, until I feel the need to move on to something else. I have gone through dozens of hobbies, and each one is only temporary; after I feel I have somewhat mastered it (to my own ability) I move on to something else. I like this aspect of myself because I’m never bored. And I can confidently say that I am somewhat good at a variety of things. At the same time however, I realize that I am privileged to be able to go through these phases. My parents always were able to support my interests growing up, whether that meant buying me a video camera for Christmas or signing me up for dance lessons.

I think I am blessed in a non-religious sense because my ‘phases’ allow me to focus on positive, productive things, and new hobbies usually ease my mind and my anxiety, allowing for a more productive mindset.

I do have lulls though, and during these periods of disinterest, I tend to not do much. So as I discussed yesterday, I have decided to create an alternative self-care list, as an attempt to keep my mind busy. I don’t know if this list will work and I have a lot more to add to it, but as of now, I have come up with the following things to do on melancholic days:

1. Visit a coffee shop and read (the atmosphere and social-introversion of coffee shops = perfect for low key days).

2. Walk by the river (I find it hard to be physically active when I’m feeling down, so this would take some effort, but I feel that I could do it if I try).

3. Mail a letter (I already communicate with numerous pen-pals but I sometimes lack the time to mail my replies as soon as I finish writing the letters. So this would be a good activity to accomplish on these days).

4. Open Word, put on some music, and write something.

5. Keep track of all the things I did to ‘further myself’ on a given day (in my last year of high school, at the end of each day, I would write down everything I had done to ‘further myself’. Even if I had only cleaned my room, or walked the dog that day, I counted it as an accomplishment. This greatly reduced the stress I was experiencing due to university applications and studying, and I feel like doing this could really motivate and benefit me presently, while I am attending University).

6. Press flowers (I am actually going through a phase right now where I am obsessed with pressing flowers and making art out of them haha).

7. Get out, and try a new restaurant (when I’m down, I don’t like to eat, so this could help me out a lot).

Feel free to recommend any other ideas!

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