365 Days of Hypochondria

And other personal happenings.

A List Kind of Day (Day 6)


These are some things I do/things that happen to ease my anxiety, most health-conscious people probably already do them!

1. Take a daily vitamin (gummy vitamins are the best).

2. Use more natural, chemical free beauty products.

3. Drink tea.

4. Consistently explore new hobbies to keep my mind off things (such as photography, letter-writing etc) (I will write a post soon about my plethora of ‘phases’).

5. Add garlic to my food when I feel a cold coming on.

6. Make sure I get enough Vitamin C.

7. Carry Tums with me everywhere (this is a weird one, I guess).

8. Never browse Web MD (It always makes matters worse!).

9. Use all-natural cleaners.

10. Tell myself that what I’m thinking isn’t necessarily real.

On another note, today was a really good day (thoughts wise). xx

2 thoughts on “A List Kind of Day (Day 6)

  1. Great list! You are sooo right about WebMd. That’s like asking for a panic attack. I have anxiety, and I am going to try the things you’ve listed. Thanks! :)

    • Thank you for your comment! And I know, the internet can be a blessing and a curse- I sincerely hope some of the things help you out :) xx

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